30-day free policy

Regardless of any reason (including dislike, inappropriate, unnecessary, etc.), in the case of damaged goods, we will receive a full refund within 30 days! You can contact us to return the product to the designated warehouse, WRRLIGHT will carry out the refund process for you at the first time, and refund the original payment method.

Reissue process

If you find that the product is damaged or lost, etc. that cannot be handled by yourself, please contact us by email hyfsus@gmail.com and provide the following information:

1. Complete order number

2. Send us 3 clearly visible photos via the above email address, including ① the outer packaging with a clear SKU label code ② the outer packaging with the waybill information ③ the product photos of damaged products or missing accessories.

3. Send it to us for viewing, once confirmed, the WRRLIGHT team will assist you with return and refund service.

Important: If the above information is not provided, service may not be available.

4. After receiving the return, we will arrange a full refund within 3 working days.


· Product returns must include all accessories sent

· Returned merchandise must retain the label and be returned in its original packaging

· For warranty claims not related to product quality, shipping costs are borne by the buyer

· For warranty claims not related to product quality, WRRLIGHT will refund the full cost of the product.

· If the product does not meet the above requirements, the return request may be rejected.

· The price difference cannot be refunded for the limited time offer.

· The loss of the package is the responsibility of the logistics and transportation company, which has nothing to do with Wrrlight, and will not be returned or exchanged

Return requests and warranty claims are valid within 30 days of receipt of the package, and no refunds will be issued after the expiration date. WRRLIGHT will not process returns for non-quality issues beyond the warranty period.


Contact info

📩 hyfsus@gmail.com 

9AM-5PM daily (EST)


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