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Thinking of Floor Lamps for the Living Room? Where to Put It!

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If you want to improve your living room decor, floor lamps can be the best alternative! These tall and standing lamps can cast light at higher levels and highlight the interior design more. In general, most floor lamps for the living room can achieve three different lighting ambient, task, and accent.


How to Place Floor Lamps for the Living Room Perfectly

Modern smart LED floor lamps come with versatility which means you can place them anywhere and create the ambiance you want just with a click. For example, you just need to connect the ‘Lotus Lantern’ app using Bluetooth, and you can adjust the color, brightness, mode, and sensitivity as per your preferences.

However, the right placement of floor lamps can help you create balance with other light sources and add elegance while perfection. Such as:

In a corner

A floor lamp can be a perfect addition to your living room corners where the light can bounce off two walls at a time and create more overall illumination. For a unique effect, you can look for soft and colorful light!

Behind the couch

This one is a popular floor lamp placement! Make sure you keep the couch away from the wall. Putting the floor lamp in between can create a perfect reading light just over the shoulder. You can browse our flash sales to pick the right floor lamp for your living room!

Beside or behind the TV

Of course, you may not find it a great choice, but placing the floor lamp behind or beside the TV can reduce glare. Also, you can choose a soft lighting effect for the dark room to minimize eye strain.

Was it helpful? We hope so! However, if you have more queries about our LED smart floor lamps for the living room, you can contact us. Also, you can read our blogs for further information about LED strip lights.

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