Do you want the same E-Sports Room? Very simple!

Do you want the same E-Sports Room? Very simple!

With the popularity of E-sports games all over the world, e-sports game room has become the dream room of most people. Every boy is crazy. But the high price is beyond our reach. Now we come to WRRLIGHT to create a high-quality exclusive e-sports game room with polar prices.
Nowadays, electronic devices are essential tools in our daily life. Prolonged use can easily lead to fatigue and boredom. WRRLIGHT is trying to change all that. Design your own esports game room. Using special LED lights, Hexa Light Panels, Smart Wall Light and Table lighting, different designs and styles let them express LED light in different forms, fully achieve exquisite design and atmosphere.

How To Design An E-Sports Game Room?

Because of the demands of work, we are forced to spend more time indoors in front of computers than we would like. In this special situation, we can not go out to visit the e-sports game room, which is very helpless for the game enthusiasts. However, there is a way to experience a high-level esports game room at home. WRRLIGHT is on the way, and with superb gameroom design concepts and high-tech electronics, you can turn your home into an abode of Warriors and Wizards.

Esports Gaming Room

If you're a video game lover, esports is the next awesome level you must explore. Multiplayer esports video game competitions are held worldwide and participants can experience adventures from the comfort of their homes. In the late 2010s, the popularity of esports grew rapidly. Nowadays, having an esports game room with the perfect atmosphere is every gaming enthusiast's dream.

How Can We Get The Best E-Sports Game Room?

First of all, you need to understand the design of E-sports room, because a good atmosphere will increase the game experience. When deciding on decorative elements, please keep the following points in mind.


LED light strips are a mature field. They can be said to occupy a wide range of deployment in the decoration of the game room. They can be said to be the perfect elements of decoration, because they not only increase the brightness and atmosphere, but also the key is that lighting will not interfere with your line of sight. Dim light can help you enjoy the visual impact brought by matching the light and picture. However, looking at the bright screen for a long time will damage your eyesight and cause discomfort, so Wrrlight Led Strip Lights can easily change the light intensity, speed, flicker / beat / gradient mode. Let you fully enjoy the happiness of the game without worrying about the disadvantages brought by the computer.


Hexagon Wall Lights

The LED 5050 light beads are embedded into the panel. As we said, the shape of the light is shaped in a certain shape, spliced and decorated, activated their own brain and DIY their own shape. Gradient lighting, combined with rgbic rainbow color, combined with lighting, the walls / countertops of the whole room will not be vacant. The whole is more harmonious and full.

Glide Lively Wall Light

It also belongs to the decoration on the wall like hexagon wall lights. They are made of acrylic material, light and durable. The light is refracted through the lamp tube. Just like the key in Star Wars hanging on the wall, they are wrapped from beginning to end with rgbic technology to realize dreamcolor. The lighting is not dazzling, but can effectively protect your eyes and bring a more comfortable game immersive experience. They are also an integral part of the e-sports game room.


How Much Does It Cost To Build An E-Sports Game Room?

On average, the small-scale design is relatively conservative. It only needs some simple lighting design, and the price of $2000 can be completed in the special layout. But we don't need to invest too much, because they are enough to create an atmosphere. At wrrlight, we can be proud to say that in order to create more users, we can easily create it at a price of about $200. You can click to view. WRRLIGHT won't let you down.

May you have your own exclusive e-sports game room!

The personalized video game room can bring a good immersive experience and rest place for adults and children. So it's definitely a great decision to spend a small amount of money on design. Pay attention to us, we will bring more products and information of e-sports game room, release more best elements, and make your game experience incredible.

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